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miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012


Dear advanced learners, Here you've got some of the files included in the new bunch of copies just in case you will be interested in donloading it. Remember that you can also buy it at the School. Click here and you can download it. The order of the copies is the following: - Sun Pro After Sun Treatment - Phobias - Witness for the prosecution - ESL video-quiz: going out of business - At the airport - Insider travel tips for your trip through SFO - Reality television - Sudoku mind games - Thanksgiving day - Health and illness (not included. They are from books) - Study and learning (not included. They are from books) - Sport (not included) - Asking for / giving advice (not included) - For and against essays (not included) - News reports (not included) - The life of Thatcher - If today was your last day - Celebrities: plastic surgery - Education in the UK

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