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lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010


Hi students from EOI Toledo,

Decemeber is starting over and with it the exams will come.

These are the dates for the written exam:

- NI grupo N: Wednesday, 15th december (18h35)
- NI grupo M: Thursday, 16th december (16h50)
- NI grupo H: Thursday, 16th december (18h40)
- NA2 grupo A: Monday, 13th and Wednesday 15th december

And the oral exams will take place the following days and I'm handing over a list in class for you to sign in:

- NI grupo N: Monday, 13th (18h40)and Monday, 20th (18h40)
- NI grupo M: Tuesday, 14th (16h50) and Tuesday, 21st (16h50)
- NI grupo H: Tuesday, 14th (18h40) and Tuesday, 21st (18h40)
- NA2 grupo A: Wedneday, 15th (17h35) and Monday, 20th (16h50)

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